Meet The Equine IVF Team

David Riddle - Equine Reproduction Specialist

David Riddle

Owner of Equine IVF

David Riddle, the visionary owner of Equine IVF, embarked on his journey in horse breeding at the tender age of fifteen. By the age of eighteen, he had curated a broodmare band comprising fourteen mares, laying the foundation for his lifelong passion. Progressing steadily over the years, David honed his skills in various facets of specialized horse breeding, from collecting stallions to inseminating mares.

Post high school, David pursued higher education at Texas A&M University, majoring in Agricultural Science. Even amidst academic pursuits, he maintained an active role in his horse breeding program, specializing in AQHA Halter Horses. Notably, David served as the President of the Horsemen's Association at Texas A&M, affording him unique opportunities to collaborate with fellow students on breeding programs and contribute to equine reproduction research.

With an unwavering passion for equine reproduction, David's post-college journey was crystal clear. He diligently attended numerous equine breeding short courses at Texas A&M University with Dr. Martha Vogelsang, two-week sessions at Colorado State University with Dr. Squires, and Breeders Select courses in Aubrey, Texas. His commitment extended to becoming the lead instructor and eventual owner of The Breeders Assistant Equine Academy, a renowned institution in private education that has offered top-notch education globally for the past decade.

With two decades of hands-on experience, formal education, and a scientific background, David perfected the art of specialized equine breeding, realizing his dream. In 2020, he took a significant step towards advancing reproductive technologies by investing in ICSI technology. This involved the acquisition of his own laboratory and completion of Embryology School, presented by Dr. Tony Anderson.

David Riddle's journey exemplifies a seamless blend of passion, education, and dedication, culminating in Equine IVF—a testament to his commitment to excellence in the field of equine reproduction.