Meet The Equine IVF Team

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Tina Riddle


Director Tina Riddle, a dedicated biology educator and esteemed United States Air Force (USAF)& Texas Air National Guard Veteran, assumes the role of Director at The Breeder's Assistant. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Biological Science from Wright State University. Currently pursuing an additional master’s degree in Adult Development and Education at the University of Houston, Tina's commitment to continuous learning underscores her scholarly endeavors.

Tina attributes a significant portion of her administrative prowess to her eight-year tenure in the United States Air Force, where she earned an associate degree in education and training. This foundational educational background has greatly informed her emphasis on providing concierge experience at The Breeder's Assistant Academy.

In tandem with her professional pursuits, Tina is happily married to David Riddle and has five incredible sons. She believes that you are never too old to learn and that anyone can succeed in academics with the right combination of hands-on, lecture, and patience.