IN VIVO Embryo Vitrification

Embryo Transfer in Horse Breeding: Advancements and the Art of Success

Traditional embryo transfer has been successful since 1974 but with new technology we have been able to vitrify in vivo embryos shipped to our lab, so they can be preserved and stored until the optimal timing occurs for transfer into your recipient mare.  

Advantages of IN VIVO Embryo/Vitrification & Transfer:

  1. Increased Foal Production: Embryo transfer enables mares to produce multiple foals within a single year, significantly boosting overall production and genetic diversity.
  2. Uninterrupted Athletic Performance: Mares engaged in athletic competitions can continue their performances while also contributing to the next generation through in vivo embryo flush and vitrification, without compromising their training and competition schedules.
  3. Mitigation of Medical Risks: Valuable donor mares can avoid the potential medical risks associated with pregnancy and parturition, ensuring their continued well-being and longevity.
  4. Utilization of Older Mares: Aging mares with reduced reproductive capacity can still contribute to breeding success by producing embryos that are carried by younger, reproductively healthy recipient mares.
  5. Overcoming Reproductive Challenges: Mares facing reproductive issues or a history of pregnancy loss can still play a vital role in breeding success by producing embryos that are carried by healthy recipient mares, increasing the chances of successful pregnancies.
  6. Management of Health Concerns: Mares with serious medical or musculoskeletal problems can still contribute to the breeding process by producing embryos for transfer into recipient mares, mitigating potential health risks.
  7. Optimized Breeding Schedules: In VIVO Embryo flushes can be performed during the off season and the embryos once vitrified can be stored in a tank until you are ready for them to be warmed and transferred.
  8. Geographic Flexibility: Vitrified/ Frozen Embryos transported to different locations, providing breeders with flexibility in terms of selecting recipients and expanding their breeding program.

The Path to Success:

  1.  Embryo Shipments Received: The client will ship their flushed embryos to our facility for cryopreservation (via Vitrification).
  2. Embryo Outcome Consultation: Once cryopreserved, our team will be able to discuss your preferences regarding the disposition of your embryo.
    1. Store "frozen" embryos: The preserved embryo can be securely housed (stored) at our facility or conveniently transported to a location of your preference.
    2. Warmed "thawed" embryos can be shipped: Upon request, a client can have their embryo warmed and shipped for transfer to a synchronized recipient.

Success at Equine IVF:


In vivo embryo vitrification offers a myriad of advantages, including enhanced preservation of embryo viability, increased flexibility in breeding programs, and improved reproductive efficiency in assisted reproduction techniques, ultimately contributing to more successful and sustainable breeding outcomes.